Online Classes

45 minute power flow building into half-lotus pose with modifications for all levels.

30 minute playful flow – dynamic class working into some juicy hip openers!
Dynamic morning stretch working into the hips and hamstrings.
The Primary Series is one of my staple yoga practices, it’s a fiery practice which purifies the mind and body. This is a beginners version for those of you who are new to Ashtanga.
12 min sequence for a morning stretch! Moving first thing in the morning helps to ground down and centre before beginning the day. I love moving first thing because it sets my day up the right way!
30 minutes of stretching to work through the whole body! Whole body stretches are one of my most popular classes, great for helping posture and releasing everyday tension.
40 minutes of Hamstring Heaven – if you’re feeling tight in this area this Beginner/Intermediate flow is focused to really work into it. Hope you enjoy!
35 minute beginner/intermediate level flow working into side body and shoulder flexibility.
45 minute Power Yoga class building into some juicy back-bends. I had fun making this one, hope you enjoy!
15 min dynamic flow working into the hips, build up some heat and open the body. Intermediate level.
Stretch out the whole body with this fluid 25 min beginners level class. If you have a chair close by grab it before you start. Enjoy!
Twisting is linked to detoxing, this is a beginner level flow to start working in your spinal twist.
Playful Vinyasa flow working into the shoulders and building towards a backbend.
Intermediate level flow opening the hips
This one is perfect for stretching out the side body and hamstrings to get the circulation going.
Moderate intensity, engage your core to find your balance.
Half Moon Flow