My Profile

I’m from the UK and currently live in Vancouver, British Columbia. I first stepped on a yoga mat in 2011 in London. I have taught in the UK, Canada, and Asia in Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. 

Yoga is the anchor in my life. It’s the only tool I know powerful enough to let go of my own past experiences and process day-to-day life so I can make the most of being here in the now.

My classes are based on Hatha and Ashtanga disciplines, Ayurveda and meditation. Much of my work has been based in Asia in retreat settings where I have really spent time immersing myself in yogic teachings. Yoga is a lifestyle on and off the mat. 

This path unfolds differently for everyone and I teach for the individual. I’m fascinated by each student I meet, each student is my teacher and through their connection I learn the most about yoga.