The body is the home of the mind. The mind will always come back home, but sometimes you have to help guide it, remind it where home is.

Meditation will help ground your mind in one place, when most of the time it is jumping from thought to thought. From past memories to future plans and to do lists, to our every desire. Although the mind is referred to as the monkey mind our thoughts are not random.

Starting to dissect your thoughts is a part of the awareness required for meditation. Humans are highly emotional thinkers, we relive an emotion many many times after the real life event happened; sometimes that emotion feels so real you can almost touch it years later as if you were standing in those same shoes again.

My advice to people starting meditation is to simply label the emotion attached to your thoughts; repeat the name of the emotion three times in your mind. Notice you’re thinking, notice what you’re thinking.

Negative memories and the emotion attached to them have a negative energy, this energy becomes stored in the body. Most people know they feel tense physically when they are emotionally stressed, and that could lead to health problems and something more serious. That’s another reason why it’s important to meditate, to learn to manage negative life experiences and let them go, to maintain a healthy body we need to do this.

The key to both asana (poses) and meditation is awareness and acceptance, it is not to judge but to truly observe yourself. Remind yourself there is no good or bad meditation, there is just what is happening right now. Even if you observe that you’re overthinking today, that’s an observation of the present moment, take the judgement away and accept it.

Through meditation your mind will create new thought patterns and reprogram your sub-consciousness. To reach this level of concentration you have to let go of the conflict in your mind; you have to let go of the people and situations that have caused you pain and anger. You have to be at peace with those things, that is the most difficult part of this process. Shedding those layers again and again until there are no more layers to shed.

Meditation is a tool for life, to train the mind and process life, and keep us present in the now.