Beginners Course

This is a short course to intro you to yoga – my goal is to get you moving and build confidence with some of the fundamental poses and movements. You can gain so much benefit without it being complicated!

We’ll be focusing each day on different body areas, slowly breaking it down and working towards a couple of yoga flows at the end to put it all together.

Feel free to practice the sessions more than once if they feel challenging and it will start to get easier!

I’m so excited to start this journey with you.

Day 1: Sun Salutations

Sun salutations are the core of my practice and I love them, they open and warm up the whole body and really get the heart rate going. They can be challenging at first but stick with it and you’ll get results!

Day 2: Hamstrings

Hamstrings! They are a tough area to work on but it really does feel good when you start to notice that change and feel flexibility there, here are some of the basic poses explained to get you started.

Day 3: Hips

Hip opening! If you’re sitting on a chair for most of the day chances are you aren’t getting into your hip mobility. The body stores emotional tension and stress in the hips so let’s release what we don’t need to hold on to!

Day 4: Backbends

Backbends help to uplift your mood and they’re also great for correcting posture. This is the final body area before we move into a flow putting everything we’ve learned together.

Day 5: Yoga Flow

You’ve made it to your first yoga flow putting some of the movements we’ve been learning together. Enjoy!!