Reflecting in a pandemic

What an unusual time we’ve found ourselves in. A time where we are individually and collectively experiencing uncertainty. Uncertainty and change have always been there as the universal truth but now it’s prominent in our minds in a confrontational way we can’t ignore.

It’s natural as creatures of habit that this causes anxiety and stress for many of us.

As humans we go back to what we know and deal with stress in the ways we’ve trained ourselves to, that could look like reaching for a glass of wine, exercising, eating, binge watching TV, being super productive, becoming introverted and shutting ourselves away from others, grieving, or anger and arguing with people close to us.

I’m not going to tell you how to navigate this crisis, but I do deeply believe it’s a time of collective growth if we choose to take this time to just watch ourselves. Watch how you deal with the unknown.  

Chances are you might see these patterns as familiar, somewhere you’ve been before.

It’s ok if it’s not pretty. Shining a light on ourselves, and all the corners of our personality and subconscious patterns that come to the surface, gives us a chance to know ourselves more deeply. A chance to be compassionate to parts we might ordinarily overlook, that we’d prefer to hide away from. A chance to grow.

You’ve been here before, and you can stand up again.

Will we ever stop experiencing setbacks when dealing with stress, grief and anxiety? Will we grow beyond that? Is that what growth and healing are supposed to be? Probably not. But our setbacks can look and feel different and we can perceive them with a new perspective.

Setback. Awareness. Compassion. Acceptance. Stand up again.

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