The Elements – Our Roots

I love learning about the elements and bringing them into my practice. It just seems to make everything fall into place for me when I look into similarities I have with the outer world and what I experience in the inner landscape as a human being.

The qualities of Earth, Water, Fire and Air are the qualities we see in everything around us indefinitely – I like to think of them as the roots of creation and the more we learn about our roots we can understand ourselves and the life around us.

Earth is the physical body. We embody this element emotionally when we are grounded, creating roots, emotional attachment and security. Losing a sense of security can feel like the ground is being pulled from underneath us, a huge part of finding our feet again is trust – trusting that the universe will provide for us and we have everything we need.

Fire is the digestive fire and metabolism. We digest everything – food, thoughts, emotions and burn through what no longer serves us. When we don’t fully digest, we get stuck. Fire is an active masculine energy that transforms things that are no longer serving us, we need this energy to change. Fire is a catalyst just like the Sun. Mentally it is our inner strength, passion and drive that propels us towards our goals.

Water is connection and cohesiveness, physically and emotionally. Connection is key to humans and it can be found inwards and outwards. Water is linked to the feminine energy which is passive; when water reaches a blockage – it doesn’t force its way through, it goes around it. Symbolically the water element is about embracing the flow of life and the things we can’t control. This includes the flow of emotions; emotions are waves that we ride until they eventually pass. All the water in our body comes from water we intake, we never own the water and it flows through us, hydrating the body. The body becomes a home for the rivers and oceans. The ocean is pulled by the moon in the tides, humans are made of 60% water, so it’s natural that we’re also influenced by this lunar energy. Like the moon has cycles women do too.

Air is the breath. The breath and the mind are like two wings of the same bird – when we’re stressed, we have a shorter shallow breath, breathing deeply can truly transform our health and emotional state. Air is light in nature – when we practice bringing lightness and softness towards ourselves, we can bring humor and self-love into our yoga practice.  Air is always moving and when we move, we embody this element. Air symbolizes freedom, openness, mobility and positivity.

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