Why yoga retreats are the perfect life reset 

Retreats are really where the yoga magic happens, and it’s one of the best ways to understand yoga in the more holistic way it’s meant to be practiced. The whole experience can have a big impact on your mindset and even transform your life.  Here are my top benefits:

Relaxation: Proper relaxation is something you don’t always get from a night’s sleep. We’re living in a busy over-stimulated world and have multiple work and family responsibilities putting stress on the body and mind. If you find relaxation challenging it might be a sign that you need to prioritise it. A retreat is your time to step away and find a deeper state of relaxation. Relaxation is essential for good physical and mental health. 

Simplicity: Retreat life shouldn’t be fancy or extravagant, a real yoga retreat isn’t about luxury. A yogi just lives with the basics they need. Going back to basics is a lesson we all need reminding of once in a while. Simplicity is humbling.

Nature: Take yourself away from the city and reconnect with nature, there is a lot nature can teach us. We can become complacent with our surroundings in the city and sometimes don’t feel connected to others even though we are surrounded by people, nature reminds us we are a part of something bigger. 

Self love: Putting your own self-love and care first allows you to truly care for others, you can’t keep giving from empty.

Routine: The body thrives on routine, it’s grounding for the mind and helps with anxiety. A retreat routine will connect you to the rhythm of nature, waking up before sunrise and eating meals at regular times is important for the metabolism and digestion. 

Discipline: Self-love is discipline. Yoga retreats aren’t for self-indulgence, step back from processed food, meat, alcohol and an unhealthy diet. A retreat will include fresh, nourishing vegetarian meals. 

Detox: Detox your mind and body. Take a digital detox and sign off from social media, you will become aware of how the things you hear and see effect your mind. 

Self-reflection: You will naturally find yourself self-reflecting during the retreat. The yoga philosophy sessions will help you to reflect. Reflection improves self awareness so we can grow, pause for a week and stand back from your life. 

Heal: The time and space we create in the retreat, where you won’t have access to your normal distractions, is space for self-reflection and a chance to heal. You are in a safe supportive environment to work through your emotions. 

Community: You can spend time alone or with a wider group in the retreat. You will have others around you who are experiencing the same thing and you can share your experience with. Being in a retreat removes everyday influences and temptation, you will be surrounded by others working on similar positive goals. 

Learn: Learn about the wider concept of yoga and the yoga lifestyle. Yoga philosophy and meditation are as important as practicing yoga. Learn the tools to bring these benefits to your everyday life. 

Refocus: Now your mind is clear and in a balanced state, refocus yourself on your life goals and dreams. Act from a place of clarity and a level head. 

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